Monday, September 17, 2007

Veniños Hyde Park fun-run Venezuelan after party

Ivan and Mario from Orquesta La Guachafita delighted the crowds in Hyde Park on 16 September at the Veniños fun-run after party.
It was a great way to wind down after a 5km-run to raise money for Veniños' charity work in Venezuela for street and shantytown kids. Over 20,000 women took part in the Hyde Park run. But few enjoyed such an autochtonous musical experience.
Shame about the wind spoiling the audio in places...

To see the photos of the fun run click here


Anonymous said...

Brilliant Russell, thanks so much for doing that so I can see what I missed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Russell! Soy Carolina. Que bueno tu blog! el nombre real del grupo es watch-a-feet-ah, funny, no?
Esperamos verlos pronto!

Anonymous said...

Hi Russell, no se de donde eres, creo que Britanico, lo unico que te puedo decir es gracias por dar a conocer la musica de nuestro pais y gracias por Amar a nuestro pais,

Venezuela un pais para querer.

Jorge Franca