Saturday, January 19, 2008

Los Llanos: Hato El Cedral - Wildlife Paradise


Span Ows said...

Great pictures; it's a pity Los Llanos is only getting 16% of your poll so far but I guess it's not on most people's list! For me it's one of the most special places and your photos brought back many memories (spent several years there many moons ago)

I get back now and again for work, as you do, and the nostalgia of a wonderful part of my life hits me like a physical impact.



Renee said...

I lived in Hato el Cedral for a year, studying anacondas (and birds, and otters, people). I MISS IT very much, it pulls at my heart strings, it is both simple and spectacular all at the same time. It is a magnificent animal paradise, for sure. However, if you want to be treated better as a tourist, I highly suggest Hato El Frio, which is a ~couple hours east (and thus a shorter drive from San Fernando).
Los Llanos are a spectacular place to visit, just like the Pantanal but closer to get to (unless you live in Antartica).