Sunday, July 18, 2010

Angel Falls logo launches Venezuela tourism campaign

A new campaign to promote tourism in Venezuela has been launched with a logo featuring Angel Falls and the slogan: "Venezuela: Conocerla es Tu Destino", which roughly translates as "Venezuela: It's Your Destiny to Discover It".

The yellow, red and blue of the Venezuelan flag also appear in the design.

Hopefully, the new logo will be part of a wider campaign to promote the country's many tourism hotspots, including the islands of Los Roques, the UNESCO protected colonial city of Coro, the waterfalls of the Gran Sabana, the mountain villages of Merida, the spectacular phenomenon of the Catatumbo Lightning and other cool places  like Choroni and the islands of Mochima.

My favourite slogan is from the late 1980s when "Venezuela: The Best kept Secret in the Caribbean" was plastered across the side of double-decker buses in London.

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