Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cerro Autana - sacred mountain of the Piaroa

In the next few weeks I'll be travelling down to Puerto Ayacucho, the capital of Venezuela's Amazonas State.

The plan is to jump in a canoe and travel up the Orinoco and Autana rivers to the base of Cerro Autana, the sacred mountain of the Piaroa, a native tribe.

I hope to take photographs of the people and wildlife I meet along the way to post here.

So wish me luck, or buena suerte, and I'll try and bring you the highlights of my travels.

In the meantime, anybody planning a trip to Cerro Autana should contact Vicente Barletta, one of the most experienced and trusted guides in the Amazonas region.

I have travelled with Vicente and was really impressed with his knowledge of the region, the people, the river and his organization.

Vicente's company is called Terekay Adventure and operates out of Puerto Ayacucho.

Terekay Adventure
Web page:
Phone: 0414-4872123 or 0416-8385637

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Ceci said...

Panita, me encanta tu blog! Suerte en esta aventura... ya nos tendras que contarrrr :)